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Filling Description


Filling Description

Delight consumers with the world’s best-loved bakery fillings and fillings for cake. Explore this website to discover great tasting, high-performance fillings. There are delicious fruit fillings, as well as popular chocolate, nut and cream fillings to suit your applications and processes. You will also find ideas, innovations and practical ways to add value to your business.

Excite with new concepts.

Be a pioneer in your market with interesting and on-trend pastry fillings and fillings for cake that match your ambitions.
Silky-smooth cream fillings popular with bakeries and patisseries include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, dulce de leche, nuts, speculoos, Orange, Mango, lemon cream and cream cheese. Each filling delivers a beautifully creamy sensation.

Fruit fillings bring nature’s rainbow of colours and flavours. Instead of cultivated berries, chooses wild berries, which give you a richer and fuller flavour. Discover Nordic berries like lingonberries, which are high in antioxidants and sometimes called ‘super fruits.


2 kg x 4 pcs in a cartoon
2.5 kg x 4 pcs in a cartoon
3 kg x 4 pcs in a cartoon


12 months from date of manufacturer provided.


In ambient temperature not above 20°C.

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